Muleskinnerz Beagles LLC started when God put two broken people together. We just didn’t know it yet. Two people that could help each other reach for the stars. At least that’s the way I see it.

The Muleskinner asked me to write the story “About Us” He says it’s because he’s “no good at it”.  Well, that is somewhat true. Don suffered a significant hearing loss while serving our Country during the Gulf War. Communication for him has become difficult, unless it is one one one and face to face. That’s where I come in, I can talk, just ask my brothers as they roll their eyes. God knows my heart is pure and my intentions always good, but I DO like to “babble”. Don and I are just a good fit in so many ways. Don is strong when I am weak from my Multiple Sclerosis. It takes teamwork to make the dream work and we make a pretty great team.

It starts with our Hallmark Channel love story. My version, it was love at first laugh!

When he met me I had recently lost my home from cell storm damage. When all was said and done, it was enough damage to consider it condemned and a total loss. With every tear I cried, he would say, “Trust me I can make this paradise”, as I literally sat upon the rubble. Don always has a way to somehow make me laugh. God had blessed me for being an obedient child I just did not see it it yet.

Don relocated from his hometown of Chippewa, Pennsylvania to Great Valley, New York the current location of Muleskinnerz Beagles. Again, still didn’t see it coming. With his stinky ole’ Treeing Walker Coonhound Moses and his two mules Lady Grey and Yukon Jack in tow, we decided to give it a go. That’s where the name Muleskinner came from. To explain it simply, cowboy is to horse as muleskinner is to mule.

As we tore down the old house that was purchased from a dear family friend, we started to see what was important in life, and what really wasn’t. A maturing process if you will, and together as man and wife we made and continue to make life decisions together.

Instead of taking out a mortgage, it was decided we would build a “true” log cabin home. By the Grace of God, He started putting amazing people in our lives and we are so proud to call them not only our friends, but we consider them family.

The project started with 57 red pine trees right here from our hollow, each log skinned by hand with a draw knife. While this was all going on we lived in a 14×32 ft single wide trailer. We would work our jobs by day and the property by night and weekend.

Exhausted we would sit around a bonfire at night and talk, hope, and plan our dreams. Don had always talked about his love for hunting with his dad, brother, uncles and cousins. The story that gave me an idea was the one he told of a good day of hunting with his family and those beagles.

In those days they didn’t have fancy beagle boxes or Garmin tracking collars. He told of his dad opening the trunk of the car, tossing the beagles in. loaded up with hunting gear they headed on their outing. As soon as they would reach there destination, that trunk lid was popped open, and off they went sniffing and baying right on cue. Don said, “I would love the sound of those beagles doing their job, finding rabbits and letting us know when to get ready to take the shot. When my dad fired his Ithaca Feather-light 12 gauge shotgun, I was confident we were eating rabbit and mom would have her work cut out for her. That day we bagged our limit and headed home to mom. She was always happy to see us having a good time but she knew what came next; preparing those rabbits for a family feast. I remember her standing at the kitchen sink carefully removing each piece of bird-shot. That part she wasn’t thrilled about, but did it with love , and boy did she know how to make it taste delicious” .When he spoke of his dads beagles. The excitement and smile he had speaking of the “good ole’ days” gave me an idea.

To thank Don for all his hard work and for the true person he was, I wanted to let him know how special he was to me. So crazy me, bought him two beagles… what’s two more in the “little box” filled with love and laughter. Sno-Ballz and Liddel Wun became our first beagles.

Since then we have acquired AKC and International Field Champion Bloodline Beagles to include some of the past greats like FC Brinsky’s Run Em Over tank, IFC Green Bay Shooter, FC Melonsons Ranger Dan and FC Scratch Ankle Jeremiah, among others. We also built a beautiful kennel, formed an LLC, continue to put the finishing touches on our home, and have acquired more beautiful fur-babies that are part of our family.

We also enjoy being members of The Enchanted Mountain Beagle Club and participating in AKC field trial events. Don does continue to hunt with our beagles and proudly uses that Ithaca shotgun today. Rabbit season is different in every state, so be sure to check with your local game commission for restrictions, dates, bag limits, and hunt responsibly and respectfully. Now I am the one standing at the kitchen sink, removing birdshot pellets, and preparing delicious recipes just like his mom. #familymatters One of the best things about all of this is that beagles make great house pet if the conditions are right, as they have a higher energy level. They make great family pets because they are loving, happy, and companionable. Who doesn’t love Snoopy? He is the worlds most famous beagle you know.

These beagles have brought some pretty amazing families into our lives and we have formed more friendships, or should I say gained an extended family, Our Beagle Family. That is were our motto comes from #familymatters. We responsibly place our pups with fantastic families, and are blessed to know each and every one of them. Sharing stories and getting to know them has been and continues to be a privilege and a blessing. These beautiful beagles have also provided Don and I both with emotional support as we struggle with our own burdens. We all carry the weight of something for ourselves or someone we love, and all families have their troubles and challenges. We at Muleskinnerz Beagles, first hand, have seen what the love of a beagle can do.

That is why we will be launching an emotional support animal program as soon as God will allow it to happen. Whether you are looking for a beagle for the home or the hunt; Muleskinnerz Beagles LLC is here for you and and we owe all the glory to God. Thank you for stopping by our website and for sharing the love of the beagle. We could all use a break, so, Live, Love, Laugh, and Pray!

Mrs. Muleskinner