To provide you with happy and healthy life companions.
Whether for the home or for the hunt, our bloodlines and care are unmatched.


FCGD “Brinsky’s Run Em Over Tank” is one of the most decorated Champion Beagles of all time with 3 National Championships and 39 First Place wins in major trials.
Our lines also include some of the greats such as IFCGD Green Bay Shooter, FC Scratch Ankle Jeremiah, Melanson Ranger Dan, and others.

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When you adopt a Muleskinnerz Beagle you become part of our family.
We believe that family matters and we gladly welcome you with open arms. We are always available to provide information and support.


We at Muleskinnerz Beagles work hard to ensure happy and healthy puppies are whelped. Our kennels exceed the breeder requirements set forth by the state of New York. To us they are not just puppies, they are part of our family. We take pride in knowing that we provide our animals with a clean and healthy living environment, fresh water, appropriate shelter to coincide with climate change, exercise, healthy dietary needs, routine veterinary care, grooming, and of course lots of love and socialization. Our beagles are smart, energetic, and just plain adorable. Our pups come with a welcome home pack that we have prepared with lots of love and thought. We take pride in our puppies and you will too. Please be sure to research the characteristics and needs of a beagle to ensure a perfect fit. We are here to answer any questions or concerns. Hope we can welcome you into our beagle family. God Bless you and yours!